Sensualité Océane by Daniel Jouvance

I have been away from home for a couple of weeks, enjoying the summer with my family in Spain, and during this time I've been using the scented water "Sensualité Océane" from Daniel Jouvance.

It's a mix of fresh water and a perfume for the body. Perfect for summer because it really gives you an instant relief on hot days and because it contains tiny shiny particles that make your skin shine!

The scent is also nice, a mix of citric notes, soft musk and a gentle touch of jasmine, but anyway I wouldn’t spray too much product, otherwise it can turn into an oversweet and annoying scent. I normally use it on bare areas such as the neckline or legs, where the shiny effect looks also great!

Sensualité Océane comes in a 100ml bottle and the normal price is 28€, but it actually costs 14€ on the Daniel Jouvance official website.

What I really like about this water is that it’s perfect for both the day and the evenings, it’s fresh for the day but also sensual for going out. The pearly tiny particles are also great, it looks especially good when the skin is tanned and it’s a perfect accessory for the evening. Also the fact that the scented water moisturizes the skin is a good plus!

//Kennt ihr "Sensualité Océane" von Daniel Jouvance?? Das sommerliche Erfrischungswasser für den Körper versprüht eine Gute-Laune-Mischung aus spritzigen Zitrusnoten, vereint mit einem marinen Akkord aus sanftem Moschus und einem zarten Bouquet aus Jasmin und Neroli. Das parfumierte Spray mit hauchfeinen Glanzpartikeln sorgt auch für duftende, verführerisch schimmernde Haut, ein Hauch von Perlmutt lässt sonnenverwöhnte Haut zusätzlich strahlen.//

(*Das Produkt wurde mir von / kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt.)

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