ESPRIT night outfits wishlist

When the weather in August is more autumn than summer and you enter shops where the new collections are available, you get more influenced as normal by new lovely autumn items and outfits and you start buying and wishing you had everything. And that’s exactly what happens to me, the weather here is not that good and I’ve already bought a couple of new things and keep getting tempted by outfits like these 2 from Esprit. I'm in love with both, they are night outfits in my favorite tones for going out in autumn/winter: black, burgundy and touches of gold and white/silver.

The first one is more of a rock chic style, the bodycon dress (you can find it here) is great and I’m pretty sure going to buy it, I love the shape and the print. I find it perfect combined with the leather jacket, the ankle boots and the small details in white/silver on the wrists.

The second one is a basics, very lady, very chic and very stylish. Burgundy is one of my favorite colors for autumn and it looks great with black leather items for going out. The touch of golden just makes it perfect.

As I said everything is from Esprit, I’ve seen very nice clothes and accessories in the stores and I love especially the new watches, the black and golden on the picture above (here) is my number 1 favorite, don’t you love it too? Anyway, there are a lot more that I’d also love to have. 

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