Yankee Candles

Do you like perfuming your home with different scents? I do, that's why I have reed diffusers, sprays or candles. And now I have two new adorable candles that help me to create nice atmospheres with two sweet fragrances: Yankee Candle Mango Peach Salsa and Yankee Candle Summer Scoop.

As you can see, the Yankee Candles come in nice transparent jars with a lid, that's the traditional design of the signature, and they have different sizes (I have the smallest version, 104gr) and colors. The small version is supposed to provide 25 to 40 hours of fragrance and the number of different scents they offer is incredible, so you will sure find your favorite! These are my first Yankee Candles and I can't be happier with the smells.

When I first opened the lid of the Summer Scoop candle I was amazed, it really smells of strawberry ice-cream and summer. When it burns, the scent is not so intense, but it still smells wonderful. Something I really like is that the candles state they contain pure and natural extracts.

I wasn't too delighted about the Mango Peach Salsa scent when I opened it, but I must say when it burns it smells better. It  has a nice, crisp, fruity smell that is rather mellow, a mix of mango and peach but not very sweet.

The only problem I find with the candles is that the scent is not that easy to smell if you place the candles in large rooms. Well, I put them in the living room, which is not that big, and the scent wasn't very intense. Anyway, that's why they recommend the small jars for small areas, if you want to fill larger rooms with the scent, you should buy something bigger... which I don't like much because I find the small jars nicer than the bigger ones.
About the design of the candles, I do like the jars, but I find the stickers with the photos and name could be nicer.
So I find Yankee Candles nice scent candles, for your home or as a gift for someone, I love the wide range of fragrances and the fact that they come in a jar. There's a couple of things I would change, but anyway I recommend them!

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