Decorate with flowers

One thing I love about Valentine's Day is that there are flowers everywhere, beautiful bouquets to buy and if you're lucky enough you receive them too! I love seeing vases with flowers decorating rooms and that combined with the amount of flowers that flooded the last weekend, I got inspired to make a post about decoration and flowers. I just love every single of the following pictures and the bouquets.

The not so good thing about flowers, is that they don't last long so if you want to keep the vases full and not lose that lovely touch the bouquets give to your rooms, you must buy them fresh, which also means often. Luckily in Germany we can buy flowers in many supermarkets, like for example by Lidl, and that's really helpful because that's a place where I go at least once a week. Now I've also discovered they have an online flowers service, you can buy them online by "Lidl-Blumen" and even choose when you want to receive them, absolutely great. Of course, this service is also designed to send flowers to people, you can also buy some bouquets with a little present, such as chocolates, e drink or a coupon from MyDays. I just find it perfect! Here some examples of flowers you can buy online:

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