Christmas & Party Outfits

Do you already have your outfits for the upcoming Christmas parties and events? I do partially. I actually give more importance to the New Year's Eve and I buy every year a new outfit for that day, but for the moment I'm still thinking what I should buy this time.

I'm hesitating, I normally wear dresses on New Year's Eve, but I'm thinking about buying an overall this time. I have a couple of casual summer ones, but there are actually many great more formal overalls like these 3 above from Esprit that you can wear on events. It's becoming very usual to see more and more girls wearing long overalls in parties and events and I'm really considering buying me one, my favourite among the 3 above is the blue one (you can see it here), I love the collar!

If I finally don't buy an overall, I surely will go for a dress, you can't fail with a lovely dress for New Year's Eve. Black dresses or black with a mix of other colours (like the first and the last one) are always perfect, anyway I might choose a different colour (for example green like the dress above) as I buy many dark clothes in winter and sometimes it's good to change. The four dresses above are from Esprit too and I love them all, each one is different and has something special (here you can see them all and more). The first one is more classic, the second is the typical LBD, the third one is close-fitting and sexy and the skirt of the last one is a jewel! Too difficult to choose.

Anyway there's something I'm sure about and that's the coat and the accessories that will accompany the outfit. Yes, black again and a bit of golden and shine. You can't say these things don't go perfect with any of the overalls and dresses I picked. It doesn't matter which item I'll finally choose, these accessories fit perfectly! I find the "trenchcoat" style of the Esprit coat (here) great, I just love it and it's perfect for any formal outfit, don't you think? And the faux fur clutch, isn't it lovely? I just have to decide now which main item to wear, can you help me? Do you prefer an overall or a dress for New Year's Eve? Which item from all above is your favourite?

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