Rossmann Schön für mich Box September

I already told you about the Rossmann Schön für mich Box in April (here), that was my first Rossmann beauty box and I was quite happy about the products. I tried to get the next boxes a couple of times but I couldn't, you have to register every month for a chance of getting 1 of 500 they sell every month for 5€. Anyway September is a lucky month again and here I have the Rossmann Schön für mich Box!

8 products this time, a mix of skin care, hair care, make up and scents, plus discount coupons for 3 of the products.

Let's start with the skin care products: a Bebe More eye cream and an Olaz/Olay face cream.
The eye cream is supposed to smooth the rings and give hydration and freshness. The product is ok but I'm currently using a Lancaster eye cream which is much better, so I don't think I'll use this one often. Anyway is a good value for the price (4.49€)
The Olaz Regenerist Luminous face cream helps improving the complexion, it reduces dark spots and uneven skin tone. I haven't open the box because I won't use it soon, I'm currently using the Eucerin Even Brighter which is supposed to do the same and I'm not really happy with it (I will soon update the post about the product).

For the hair care: Nivea color care & protect light shampoo and Isana Professional oil care.
The Nivea shampoo contains pomegranate and liquid keratin, it protects the color without damaging the hair and leaves it shiny and smooth. I guess it's for light color treated hair, just like mine, I only have a couple of highlights so I'll use it, although I don't usually buy Nivea shampoos and I already have a couple of favorite shampoos.
The Isana Professional oil care is a mix of argan and sunflower oil that protects and makes the hair look better. It can be used before washing it or after on the damp or dry hair. I already have the Moroccanoil which is my number 1 favorite but anyway I'll give this Isana oil a try. (2.99€)

The box also contains the Daniela Katzenberger EdT and a 8x4 deodorant.
The Eau de Toilette is really small, 15ml, and it smells much better than I expected. Daniela Katzenberger is a "celebrity" in Germany, one of those people who are nice and people like them but don't have a defined profession (such as the Kardashians). I never buy celebrity perfumes but I must admit this one is a nice little gift for a fan and it smells good, not so sweet as I thought.
The 8x4 modern charme deodorant is ok, deodorant is something I always buy so I will certainly use it but it's not my favorite, it smells much of roses, not something I love. Besides 8x4 is a brand I never heard about and for a similar price (1.55€) I can find other better deos.

Make up products: a Max Factor mascara and a For Your Beauty eye makeup brush.
I'm really happy with the Max Factor Masterpiece Transform mascara, I must say I already have the same mascara since a couple of weeks and I love it, the brush is perfect, small silicone bristles and a long flexible twisted brush help defining the eyelashes without leaving clumps.
Eye makeup brushes are something every girl needs, this one is for smokey eyes and I didn't have any for that so I'm happy it came in the september box, I'll sure use it because I love the smokey eye look!

What can I say about this beauty box? I like it better than the one I got in April, even though I already have similar but better products. 5€ for these 8 products is a really good price! Most of the brands are really good (Nivea, Olaz/Olay, Max Factor, Bebe More) and they are all things every girl uses! Great september Schön für mich Box!

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