Estée Lauder DayWear BB Cream

I think I've never talked about makeup on my blog, so today is the time. There are 2 makeup products that are my favourites for the skin of my face: one foundation (Chanel Vitalumière fluid makeup) and one BB cream (Estée Lauder Daywear BB creme).

I'm going to start with the BB cream and I'll talk about the foundation another day.

I have tried other BB creams before this one, at the beginning there wasn't much offer so I bought the cheaper options also because I had not much idea about their effect and just wanted to try. My opinion at this point is that the Estée Lauder DayWear BB Creme is the best one, or at least it's the best one for my skin (it all depends on every skin) and among the ones I've tried.

BB creams are supposed to moisturise your skin (among other things) so you don't need any other cream, but mine is very dry so I usually use a moisturiser before, anyway the effect with the Estee Lauder BB cream is very good, my skin looks good, not oily (that has happened with others) but illuminated and healthy with an even tone. It has a very high SPF which is a plus point and other benefits that I can't confirm if they really work such as anti-oxidant...

The texture is a bit thick but anyway easy to apply and it gives you a bit of colour, not much because it's not a foundation, but the effect is really good, I actually want that fresh look that it gives and not feel like I have a lot of make up on, so it's perfect for a daily use (they say you can wear it under your foundation but I wouldn't do that). Oh! and it smells really good!! I truly recommend it.


  1. Hey dear,thanks for the comment! I following you...Great blog!

  2. awesome - i love it!



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