Coral flowers

coral outfit

Another windy day, I guess it's common in this island to suffer such days so often. Anyway the sun is back and I love it! What I don't like much after taken these pictures are the jeans, my boyfriend told me once I shouln't buy jeans alone because I'm not able to see the back side from the right perspective and there are some jeans that don't fit good at the bottom, now I must admit he's totally right. Another problem of these trousers is also that they stretch a little after a short time wearing them and I hate that! For this post I chose the best pictures, luckily there were some, but I think I'm not going to combine this tshirt with these jeans anymore, the oufit doesn't impress me that much when I see the photos.

jeans and coral sandals

floral print tshirt

coral flowers tshirt


camiseta coral

camiseta estampado floral
Stradivarius t-shirt / Easy Wear jeans / Buffalo sandals

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