Let me introduce you to the house of your dreams (or at least it is the house of my dreams!).

These pictures belong to one of the houses built by the Huf Haus company. Huf Haus is a german company that manufactures prefabricated houses, a mix of timber and glass, with windows on all sides. They are modern, light and airy, and the interior is open-plan, designed to the owner's specifications. These houses are easier to build than traditional ones and are actually not so expensive like other luxury houses, besides the fact that they're built to a high standard and are extremely energy efficient.

The interior can also be design by them, by another company of the group (StilART) that manufactures exclusive furniture. I was visiting one of these houses some time ago and I must say I fell in love with everything (the light, the open spaces, the minimalism...), if we ever have the opportunity to build a house, my boyfriend and I have already decided it's going to be one of this style.


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